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Marja Sprock, M.D.

New Treatments for Vaginal Atrophy - Stop Painful Sex


Vaginal atrophy is the thinning, dryness, burning of the tissue due to lack of estrogen. It can lead to painful or inability to have intercourse, urinary frequency, urgency and contribute to recurrent bladder infections. Also for some the vagina just hurts, or as dubbed by some patients: "the burning bush syndrome."

Vaginal atrophy often sneaks up on people, it goes from just okay, to not at all tolerable.

Symptoms of vaginal atrophy are:

  • Itching and irritation
  • Chronic vaginal discharge
  • Burning sensation
  • Thinning and possible ulceration of the vaginal tissue
  • Pain with intercourse
  • Inability to have intercourse
  • Recurrent UTI
  • Urinary frequency
  • Urinary urgency

Vaginal estrogen in the form of rings, capsules, pills or creams can bring the desired relief. Moisturizers, lotions and creams often do more harm than good since they will not regain the acidic state of a healthy vagina.

Some women are unable or unwilling to use vaginal estrogen. Patients after breast or uterine cancer are usually not a candidate to use estrogen therapy or are very scared to use estrogen therapy. There is a great solution available nowadays: VAGINAL LASER THERAPY.

Central Florida UroGynecology we have close to 2 years of experience with vaginal laser treatment for atrophy. The treatment satisfaction rate is over 95% and over 95% of women would recommend it to a friend. Even though 1 laser treatment has noticeable effect, we usually will perform 2 treatments, 1 month apart.

  • Minimally invasive-no scars, no incisions
  • Walk-in, walk out, in clinic procedure
  • Pain free
  • About 15 minutes
  • Immediate effect and continuing to improve for about 3 months
  • Functional restoration of the vaginal tissue
  • Affordable
  • Clinical studies show favorable changes in the thickness of the vaginal tissue, the glycogen levels as well as the collagen and vascularization

Finally, a non-hormonal solution available for vaginal atrophy. We are very supportive of bioidentical hormonal products, however reality for some women is, it is not an option. We also have women who have enough of their atrophy and like it treated as fast as they can and love our laser treatment and use hormones.

Vaginal atrophy can be treated in different ways and laser has shown to be a very effective one. After almost 2 years of experience in our clinic and several research studies from Europe and South America as well as our own, supporting the safety and effectiveness of the vaginal laser treatment for atrophy, we can safely state it is a great option for women who suffer from vaginal atrophy. Some men also suffer since there is often no intercourse with severe vaginal atrophy.

Please have us evaluate your vaginal atrophy and discuss with you what the best treatment would be.

Remember our laser patients have been very pleased and some changed from extreme atrophy and narrowing of the vagina to being able to have intercourse. Many of our patients have made the worst skeptics, some other doctors, believers. Check it out for yourself, stop suffering from vaginal atrophy and its consequences.

Central Florida UroGynecology is the most advanced vaginal laser center you will encounter.