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Marja Sprock, M.D.

Getting Rid of Adult Diapers


Diapers for adults are a larger industry than for infants. Diapers for adults can be used for urinary, fecal incontinence or both. Incontinence for either significantly affects the quality of life. Most ask that fecal incontinence gets treated first even when severe urinary incontinence is also present.

Incontinence limits socializing, visiting family and friends and your self-confidence; it may be time that you start doing some about it.

Incontinence becomes more common when we get older, but that does not mean it should be something you just take for granted and start with changing underwear a couple of times a day, to wearing panty liners, to heavy pads to diapers.

Diapers will be hard to avoid in some people with declining mental abilities, however most people do not fit this category; meaning there is something you can do.

Incontinence becomes more common when we get older, but that does not mean it should be something you just take for granted and start with changing underwear a couple of times a day, to wearing panty liners, to heavy pads to diapers.

Tina, a 68 year old who likes to walk and climb the trails, has to put on a diaper, not because there are no toilets available, but because she can get a stool accident anywhere, anytime and it messes up her active life. Tina has tried about anything, from surgery to muscle training and knows everything in her diet that will predispose her to accidents. Tina also has a problem with sudden urine loss, but can control that mostly by keeping track of the clock and voiding within a 3 hour time span. Tina, did not like the feel of the diapers and the cost, however was mostly scared that other people would notice the smell.

Tina came to Central Florida UroGynecology for help. After her successful treatment, in her situation with a small nerve stimulator/pacemaker (Interstim ®), she told me, “You have no idea how great it is to have clean underwear; I am buying all new fancy ones! Also, do you remember when a young child has a BM successfully in the potty and everybody starts clapping? I looked at it the first couple of times and was dancing in the bathroom”. It is unbelievable how the dependence on diapers, and the never knowing when you will evacuate, influences your life and confidence.

At Central Florida UroGynecology, we understand that you are looking for results. Most women who come in wearing a diaper, would love to just use a pantyliner, even though we strive for regular underwear. If you come in wearing a pantyliner, obviously your goal will be in regular underwear.

Normal sphincter appearance in an adult female (mid anal canal).
  1. internal anal sphincter:
  2. longitudinal muscle:
  3. external anal sphincter

BK medical has developed a very high- tech probe with crystals that will move around for you, so that the probe will only have to be brought into the anus and the results will become available without moving the probe up and down. Available at Central Florida UroGynecology.

Be it accidental urine loss, stool loss or both, dependent on the severity and the duration of the problem as well as which work-up of the problem has been done before, some testing will be performed first. Other people will receive treatment right away.

Some of the fecal incontinence testing uses an ultrasound machine. BK® has developed a highly sophisticated probe with rotating crystals to assess if your muscles are intact. It gets inserted into the rectum and will show you the mostly circular muscles. It will do the moving for us, so once the probe is in, it will not have to be moved back and forth. The endoanal ultrasound showed that Tina’s muscles were intact and had the proper thickness. Anal rectal manometry had tested the strength of Tina’s well trained muscles also. Even her nerve connection was intact. Tina had trained her muscles, adjusted her diet and still had this terrible secret of having to wear diapers 24/7. For Tina, the answer was the Interstim® device, but for other people it is adjusting the diet, fiber therapy, muscle training or fecal bulking or surgery.

Fecal bulking (Solesta®) is a gel that is similar to natural starches, sugar and tissue in your body, which will be inserted into the wall of the anal canal, in the clinic, without the need for anesthesia.

For the incontinence of urine there are also multiple options and obviously multiple reasons why people lose urine. Some women are aware of when they leak and can just not make it, others have no sensation and it "just happens."

Whatever the reason, at Central Florida UroGynecology we are prepared to help you out of your diapers. Most people consider them to be very uncomfortable and not lady-like, however others will point out the cost. Whether you would like to save on the cost of diapers or have had enough of incontinence diminishing your quality of life, see Dr. Sprock at Central Florida UroGynecology in Rockledge for a consultation. Dr. Sprock has years of experience treating incontinence and has helped many ladies, like Tina, back into regular clean underwear.