Central Florida UroGynecology gives lip service a whole new meaning

( as published in Florida Today July 19, 2010 )

Central Florida UroGynecology is a specialized center for urogynecology and cosmetic gynecology.

One of the procedures that are considered cosmetic is a labiaplasty. Even though this can pertain to the outer, larger and inner, smaller lips it is mostly the inner lips or labia minora that are being treated.

It is definitely often a personal choice to have the labia made smaller, however some women have asymmetrical labia that they would like to have corrected. Others are bothered by large labia getting in the way while trying to work out. Tight clothing can press on large labia and cause discomfort.. Some women are even bothered by prolonged sitting which may occur in job situations. The “excuse me I have to stretch my labia” is not socially accepted, however some women definitely get pain and pressure because of the size.

The correction of the labia however, even if they are bothersome, is mostly considered cosmetic by the insurance companies.

In all women the small labia will extend to underneath the clitoris. Even though the labia minora or smaller lips come together beneath the clitoris, there are other skin folds around the clitoris that are sometimes extremely copious and pronounced and need to be reduced to make the appearance of the labiaplasty cosmetically pleasing (clitoroplasty). Obviously the clitoris will not be cut and the nerve to the clitoris does not run through the labia or clitoral folds.

It is important to discuss if you will incur extra costs if a clitoroplasty is needed in addition to the labiaplasty. Often this can be determined at the first consultation, but not always and it may become apparent two weeks after the initial surgery, once the labial size and appearance have normalized.

Even though the labia minora are definitely sensitive, as long as they are not made too short or basically cut off, the sexual experience should be as good or better, since they are no longer in the way.

Vaginal surgery and labial surgery are an art, so choose a surgeon who gives lip service a whole new meaning.