Central Florida UroGynecology

Marja Sprock, M.D.

Labiaplasty and the Comfort Factor


A lot of people will start giggling when they talk, hear or read about labiaplasty. It may be the discomfort with everything that has to do with genitalia and sex or it may be ignorance. Labia are important for self- confidence, comfort and sexuality. Labia are a sexual organ and it may be a good idea to at least try to understand why it is so important for some women to get their labia reshaped, instead of doing away with it as an act of vanity.

We all like to feel good about ourselves and body; our labia are an important part and contribute to our well-being.

A lot of women are very aware of the size and shape of their labia. They feel uncomfortable with sports like biking or aerobics or feel insecure on the beach or with sexual relations, because of the size and shape of their labia.

The happiness and gratefulness of women after they have had a labiaplasty done is illustrative of the importance of how labia make us look and feel. If you have labia like the ones shown below, you may feel unhappy and would like to have them corrected.

Asymmetrical or heavey, long and thick

Large labia can get in the way with intercourse and even though most women have to spread their labia to allow entrance in the vagina; very large labia can get caught and hurt. Insurance companies usually will not reimburse for a labiaplasty even if it causes pain with sitting, exercise and sex. Labia can get corrected under local or general anesthesia. Usually women undergo a labiaplasty under local anesthesia, since there will not be the cost of an expensive operating room and anesthesiologist.

It will take some weeks to be able to have sex again after a labiaplasty; however there will not be any interfering parts when trying to have intercourse once healed.

Obviously for the women with heavy labia, they will feel the relief of lighter labia immediately and will soon be able to wear tight pants comfortably.

Most women who have had a desire to have their labia redone for a long time, once it becomes reality, gain a lot of happiness and self-confidence. It is very nice to see this happiness and confidence of women who are comfortable with their body after labiaplasty.

At Central Florida UroGynecology labiaplasty can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Usually general anesthesia is only chosen if it is combined with a vaginoplasty (tightening of the vaginal walls). The labiaplasty procedure is well tolerated, although you will have some “pain in the butt”. Most women are able to resume their normal activities, except for intercourse, right away, however if you have a sit down job, you may want to bring a pillow.

Women often will instruct me to “cut their labia away or extremely short”, however since labia are a sexual organ and swell during arousal, it will cause pain if labia are cut away or too short. A cosmetic gynecologist will therefore always leave some good looking symmetrical labia. As we say at Central Florida UroGynecology: we give a whole new meaning to lip service.

So if you like your labia more to look like the picture at right, you may want to consider a labiaplasty, or maybe you are lucky and got them naturally.

Small labia minora, not protruding past the large labia (majora)

Before you have your labia redone, make sure that your physician understands what you are trying to achieve and that your physician is honest about the possibilities with your labia. It will take a lot more effort to make labia shorter , smaller and less thick than making one side match the other smaller side. Also the labia minora extend along the clitoris and the labia may have to be made to appear smaller along the clitoral hood.

Labiaplasty is an art, you need to be able to talk to your surgeon, so that lip service gets a different meaning. Have other people do the giggling, choose to have self-confidence and feel good about yourself.

If your labia make you feel insecure or are just in the way, consider a labiaplasty.