Central Florida UroGynecology

Marja Sprock, M.D.

Our Specialties

  • Evaluation and treatment of urinary urgency, frequency, incontinence and retention
  • Treatment of vaginal, bladder, uterine and rectal prolapse.
  • Evaluation and treatment of fecal incontinence.
  • Treatment options are numerous and could be pelvic floor muscle training, nerve stimulation, dietary changes, medications, surgical intervention, support devices.
  • Surgical repair can be vaginally but also laparoscopically.
  • Cosmetic gynecology services such as reshaping of the labia, vagina and perineum.
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Vanquish ME™

The next generation fat reduction technology uses maximum efficacy radiofrequency to effectively kill fat cells and tighten the skin. It is radiofrequency and color blind, it can be used on all skin colors.
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Cosmetic UroGynecology

In the quest for minimally invasive treatments of the vagina, the laser is gaining more and more momentum. Restoration, rejuvenation of our natural tissue is the new focus in medicine. Laser has the ability to rejuvenate, revitalize vaginal tissue by stimulating collagen remodeling as well as synthesis of new collagen fibers in the vaginal mucosa and underlying endopelvic fascia.
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